Motivation to Be Exceptional (Again But With More Emphasis)

Far too often, we settle for the minimum. For example, many college students do just the right amount of work to earn a satisfying GPA. Did you ever hear that C’s get degrees? It’s true. Whenever we have the option to do just enough to get by, we tend to take it. Less work for us! Why put in the extra effort? Doesn’t effort cause wrinkles? I’ve heard that’s true, too.

This mindset is soo basic.

Taking a step back, we should see that every day is a blessing; what we do with our lives and how we choose to spend the moments in it is completely up to us. Life is full of opportunities because no matter the circumstance, life can be shaped in whatever way we’d like. All it takes is recognition of this fact, a correct and positive mindset of goals, and a motivation to fulfill them.

“Life is too short. If you want to change things […] then how you present yourself and your ideas matters a great deal. Why not be different?” posed Gary Reynold’s in his book, Presentation Zen.

We should aim high and challenge ourselves a little! It’s good for character building. It’s good for society! Where would we be without the extraordinary people who excelled in their field? Innovation occurs when we step outside our boundaries, explore the unknown, and discover something new. Difference allows for growth.

“Humans love the unexpected. We love some element that makes us go “Aah!” The brain loves novelty.”

-Steve Jobs

With their fresh set of knowledge and ideas, people should want to promote change. Each individual has an opportunity to bring his or her talents, skills, and characteristics to foster positivity. In order to accomplish this, barriers must be broken. Our lives can be seen as a presentation where we influence an audience.

Reynolds expresses, “Making a presentation is an opportunity to make a small difference in the world […] if you are different, if you exceed expectations […] chances are you’ll make an impact and a difference, even if its just in the smallest of ways.”

Life has so much more meaning when we take the opportunities that life gives us to positively inspire those around us and to promote change by being great.


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